Happy Hour #2- Bikinis, Meltdowns, and Happy Endings of the non-perverted kind

Today, I took my daughter to the community pool. I’m not a huge fan but she wanted to go, so off we went when low and behold, it was closed.

It shouldn’t have been but due to human error–community didn’t have the proper documentation in order for inspector to do his job. Inspector said pool was closed. Some tool from the lifeguard company came in and said it was–all while being incredibly rude to me in front of my kid. (you bet I promptly but nicely told him he was being unkind heh), and there was my daughter sobbing, “I’m very disappointed I don’t get to go in the pool. I was really looking forward to it!”

Yes, she’s 3 but can articulate her feelings in a rather adult way. Not many kids announce they’d “prefer to eat rather than play right now Mama.”

Anyway,I was feeling let down for her sake, as she’s out of school for the week and I want as much quality time as I can have with her. Plus, I am finally feeling semi-good in my bikini. Fact is I should be thrilled I can wear one without getting nasty looks–again, focusing on the positive instead of obsessing over bodily imperfections that may or may not exist. Pretty ridiculous of me considering I’m fit.

I took her home, and right as she began to nap, our friend invited us to play in the pool tomorrow. So maybe we won’t swim today, but there will be swimming tomorrow.


**us on a day trip with great friends the other day


And I get to do some work while my daughter naps.

And although I won’t have work once my first book is turned in in 2 weeks, at least I get to be with my daughter– and I get to put author on my resume, finally!. It’s way better than a 60 hour work week in which I never see her.

A little ray of sunshine.

Happy Hour without an alcoholic beverage,




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