Happy Hour: Day 1–Finding Happiness and sharing it, even if it’s just for one pithy hour

In Happy Hour, life on June 27, 2014 at 12:24 am

The other day I really wanted to spew a mouthful of annoyance because A; someone asked me a nosy question and yet the person could care less about me…just wanted gossip; B: haven’t heard from one friend–you know the kind of friend who is always selfish when you’re down and out, yet you’re there for him/her all the time? and C: Other stuff. Like…

father being ill and in and out of hospital, getting a divorce, looking for work, wrapping up a freelance project in which I am co-authoring a book…and the project is almost done, helping my kid who is going through so much, and having a house on the market in which any day, you could be out of the house…

It’s just too much. And it’s easy to get bogged down in the little shit and feel awful, especially when you feel like the bad stuff is just piling in on you, so I decided to start a new social media/blog project called Happy Hour.

A wise woman who went through a similar scenario as my own had told me, “If you find yourself having even just a happy minute, note it. Remember it.Hold onto it.”

The other day, I had  that very moment, and I held onto it:

Both my daughter and me were at a friend’s just swimming in the pool. She was happy and her old self. I was happy and my old self. None of the BS, heartache, or worries were on my shoulders. It was just us, good company, and some sunshine, and damnit, we were both so happy and it was as if this past year had never happened. So I remembered what that wise woman told me…and I decided, why not share it, and get others to share happy moments.

Weekly, hopefully daily, I will be sharing my “happy hour,”  to remind me of how many happy things occur each day. I always smile when I am in public. See my loved ones. Play with my daughter. See my writing career expand even if money is a tenuous thing these days. Remind myself we are physically healthy, but it is easy to feel that undercurrent of stress and that undercurrent will carry you so far out you might never return.

Please share a happy moment you had in the comments, and pass this blog around. I don’t care if your happy moment consisted of getting to take a dump in private without your kids around or enjoying a stiff drink, or a happy ending. Share, share, and share: hopefully someone will feel happy hearing about your “happy hour!”

Finding life in the moment,


  1. I pretty much do this daily with my gratitude blog – I got to have my pool day with my boys & good friends today! =^D

    • It’s less about being grateful (to be honest LOlL) and more about noticing the moments I am happy…in an attempt to sort of get my mind to focus on the positive. Good idea w your daily journal though!

  2. I love your HAPPY HOUR idea.
    My dad picked my daughter up today school. I had to attend graduation. A looooong ass day beginning at 4:20am and ending God knows when. And I missed my kid. But driving up to NY after the graduation, I noticed the beautiful sky and awesome sunset…even though I was watching it as it backdropped Newark airport…it was still beautiful. I had my music on so I cranked that shit up and I opened my windows. Something I don’t get to do with my daughter in the back seat. And I just enjoyed it.

    • I love this! This is a great moment that we moms have when we are alone…we still need to have our time from time to time. I love this moment. 🙂 And I love you too!

  3. I believe in something that is seemingly nothing and intangible yet it is everything. I am just happy that I do really believe that my life can improve. I am healthy and I have talent and skills. I never been arrested and I do not use drugs and I am normal. My family is healthy.

    So my life is filled with down times and struggles but as long as I wake up; there is a chance the road can change.

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