Tips On How To Cool Down When You’re A Stressed-Out Mommy

The other day my daughter was really testing me. She had woken early in the morning due to a nightmare probably induced by the stress in her life and from that moment forward, the day was a constant battle. As moms and as parents, we all have days like these. Here are some tips for not running away and cooling down when you’re a stressed-out mommy.

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5 Things Men Need to Stop Doing On Their Online Dating Profile

Hello Men.

As a woman who writes about dating, love, and marriage for multiple sites, including an online dating site, I think it’s time I gave you some cold and tough advice on those profiles.

Here are 5 things you need to stop doing on your profiles, please!

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Before You Say ” I Do”

I learned a little about marriage from being married. I am still technically married although separated and while I am not happy about it nor do I want this to end, it is, so you might as well garner some knowledge from me while you still can folks.

If you’re thinking of saying “I Do,” consider these things.Mind you, these things don’t really have much to do with  my personal marriage, but they are things I learned while married from myself, him, other couples, and the world.

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