Happy Hour #4: Peaceful Morning

If you’re not following my latest project,  Happy Hour, it’s a project designed to display moments of happiness in my day. I did this because I am undergoing a bunch  of stress and felt that in the spirit of staying positive, sharing just happy moments would help me focus on being happy and not getting pulled into the muck. My stress has affected my own health at times, and it is so easy when we are stressed or down to focus on the bad. Dwell in the shit…so please, share my happy moments and comment with your own, even if it is just so small as you had an ice cream cone or your wife wore sexy lingerie for you last night. Here’s my latest  happiness adventure:

Even though it was just for a few brief hours–2.5 to be exact, this morning was bliss. As a mom, I’m sure many of you parents can relate to how difficult kids can be when trying to get them out the door to an activity or school. For us, it used to be easy, but lately with all of the home changes, my daughter had been tough. But the past 2 mornings for camp (especially today), I saw the daughter I know and love pre-family break up. She was delightful, easy, excited to go, and eager to cooperate. We didn’t have to rush because she woke up early enough and I was mostly ready by that time. I was able to sit in peace for 5 blissful minutes, and share breakfast with her without rushing around to do anything.

It reminded me that no matter how dismal the outlook seems, that truly better times are coming and that our new normal will be a happy normal for us…it will just take time.

Breakfast sandwiches and tea,

Your favorite blonde

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