The Stranger: Happy Hour#7

Sometimes a person falls into our path, life, or day for a reason. Or if you don’t believe in that–maybe we can restate it as people come into our lives whether for an hour, a month, or a year+ and we then collect meaning and apply it to our lives as we go. That sounds more like my way of thinking. We meet people and then our interactions become meaningful to us in ways that may or may not be meaningful to the person we’re gathering such insight from.

That’s why a person you fall in love with might only view you as a source of inspiration…or otherwise. Why a friend may view you as someone to hang out casually with, but not someone to discuss his/her dark secrets with.

After walking clear across Central Park from the Upper East to the Upper West side, I sought air conditioning and a restroom at one of the city’s many Starbucks. There was a man in a bright red shirt waiting in line ahead of me.

I asked politely and in my typical Laura way:  with a smile and perky, unlike most Manhattan folks, if he were on line. He said yes and then, “Go ahead of me. Ladies first. You’re so lovely.”

We went on to talk. He was a foreigner new to the city, and was not trying to pick me up, but simply talk to me about his business and writing.

He was friendly, kind, and excited about his return to the Big Apple, and who could blame him?

I offered to meet to discuss me working on translating his former book into English. It was a pleasant conversation, and he was refreshingly, Un-American.

As we walked away he said to me,”It was so great to meet you. You can find good people anywhere.”

“And not so good,” I added,” and the trick is figuring out who is and who isn’t.”

“Agreed, and sometimes we find out the hard way. You’re beautiful, open, warm, and have this amazing energy Laura. So glad we met.”

I remember someone telling me how refreshing I was.

How different I was and how compelling it made me.

I remember another person telling me how honest and warm I was…and that it made the person want to be open too.

Maybe all I simply need to do is keep being myself and good things will come back to me.

Good people are everywhere.


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