Why Keeping Score in a Relationship Sucks


Maybe your partner always forgets to put up the toilet seat or maybe he always forgets important dates and birthdays.

Maybe she leaves her clothes all over the place and burns dinner. Or maybe she refuses to get kinky at all or maybe he pesters for sex as he sits in his dirty clothes. Your gal may refuse to get her hair wet and your dude may sit around while the dishes lay in the sink…

Whether your problems are pedestrian, pornographic, or pedantic, taking a mentally tally of how bad the other person’s messing up is a surefire way to end up alone. Here’s why:

No one is perfect

I don’t care how babelicious Angelina Jolie is. Even Brad Pitt probably gets pissed at her. People mess up and while some mistakes are worth kicking someone to the curb, for the most part, being generous and kind and overlooking small things make for a happier couplehood.

Glass is half-full

If you are constantly seeing the negative you will forget the good.

Your princess girlfriend or wife may not want to smudge her lipstick, but she may make for a killer beer pong partner or have amazing lips.

Try to see the positive and you’ll obsess on those things…not the tiny annoying things you cannot stand.

Hate begats hate

If you start to obsess that your dude has poor taste in gifts and greeting cards, you might start to pick him or her apart on every single thing they do wrong.That’s a recipe for singledom, and if that’s what you want that’s fine, but if you want to be in a relationship, learn to find the good unless the person is an utter jerk.

Grass isn’t greener

You think that other man/ woman will be the best lover, cook, friend, confidant in the world…

Well that other person has other little annoying traits that you just don’t know about…yet.

That babe could be a shopaholic. That man could be a filthy slob.

The grass isn’t greener…it’s just got different shit on it.

Moral of this coupledom story:

Unless the person is a horror show, remember all the good things you saw about him/her in the beginning. Be kind to your partner and in return, he or she will forgive you for all the things you do that simply drive him/her batty.

I talk in my sleep,


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