10 Things That Turn Women On

The advice I’m about to give you about how to please a woman is not all smut or what you’d typically expect from an article like this. This isn’t a physical tutorial of where to find the right spots on a woman, although that is essential, but more of a guide on things you can do to excite your woman and get her into bed tonight and hopefully, for many nights to come. So often our partners do things that unintentionally shut us down as sexual people. Here are things you can do to kickstart the action between the sheets.


I’ll Do That For You Honey

I was fortunate to have a man that frequently did things without being asked although you bet I reminded him, however, many men and partners in general don’t step in to help. I’ve heard many a female friend say, “I have to do all the chores…why are the dishes still dirty? Why is the leaky roof still not fixed months later?”

Telling you and asking or begging you to do things is not sexy. It’s annoying. You want your woman to get on her knees, yet you can’t bother to get on yours to pick up your disgusting socks? Come on.

Here’s the thing: we could tell you to do it, but it’s very sexy when a man does things all on his own by his big boy self.

Me First Please

I love to please my man, but more often than not in my dating past, dudes were most concerned about themselves. Is she feeling stressed? Do you notice her taking a while to relax in bed, or is she frequently say she’s too tired to have sex?

Offer to finish her first. When a man puts a woman’s sexual needs before his own first, that is incredibly sexy! This is one piece of dating and marriage advice that will behoove you whether you’re newly dating or twenty years into it.

Unexpected Location

Sex in unusual places is not for every gal, but why not try to get her seduced somewhere new or unusual?

Maybe on a date night you ask her to go into the bathroom, in the car, or in the parking lot.

Maybe when she is cleaning the kitchen you order her to stop. You take over, finish (you should have been doing it first, but hey I will let you slide on this) and then, decide to show your appreciation for tonight’s dinner on the table.

If she’s not at all kinky, I will apologize in advance.

She Cut Her Hair

If she asks you what you think of her hair or an outfit, come up with something good. This isn’t the time to blunder through, “I didn’t notice.”

Dipshit, if you don’t notice anything about us, why should we notice anything about you…like your needs?

Notice. Pay attention. This is the single handed best advice I can give.


And to expand on the above point, if your woman wears an outfit and she seems moderately pleased with herself (we are hard on ourselves as women), make note of how beautiful she looks. If you go to tell her when she’s clearly disheveled and gross, she won’t believe it. Notice her beauty when she’s done up or simply comfortable. This is when she is most open to your advances and compliments…not when she’s got her period, is in dirty gym clothes, and has an oozing zit on her chin.


Put Down The Electronics

Video games, phones, laptops. Just put them the F down.

Talk to her for a minute and when she talks to you, quit looking at your phone. Take her hands in yours. Listen. Chicks dig when guys listen.

Independent or Not, Fix it

I’m sorry but as much as it’s important to be an independent woman it is pretty hot when a guy offers to fix something. Maybe it’s just me but that makes me look upon  man favorably and with us women, looking upon your favorably means higher chance we will do it.


It may not be your strong suit but when your woman is feeling down and out, try to understand where she is coming from. It makes us soften to your brutish ways.


Yeah, I know, I know. A little mystery is sexy. The erotic involves the new and unknown. A little mystery never hurts. Take a new hobby on. Go out with the guys. Curl your biceps (and the rest of your body. Don’t end up a big neck and arms like some guys!) Try something new in bed. Remind us that no matter how close we may be to our partners, we will never truly know everything about them and in fact, that knowledge should create excitement, something that increases sexual desire.

The Easy Stuff

Focus on the female button, don’t treat us like a construction tool– jackhammer–ask for help, take your time, don’t be selfish, and above all, don’t let yourself go. We want to know you find us sexy enough to work a bit hard for.

The Man’s Fairy Godmother on Women,



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