What Happened to Men? Why Women are Single

I don’t believe that anyone of either gender should ascribe to behaviors or roles that have been pre-scripted by society. I don’t care if you’re a dude with a purse, a dolly, or major biceps. I don’t care if you’re a biological chick who wants to be called a “him” or a gender neutral pronoun, or what have you.

However, I do care that society seems to be disintegrating and that each day, another wee narcissist makes his way into the world. See, I’m a woman who likes men, so while I am sure women have also succumbed to becoming pretty filthy animals, I can’t provide any proof on that matter. I can however say as being a new single person in the universe that I have no idea what has happened to men.

When I was with my ex, I used to talk to my single girlfriends–many of whom are/were beautiful, smart, nice, and normal– and wonder why they were still single. How could such gems be having a hard time meeting a worthy opponent?

For those of you women who have never-been married or who are divorced and single for a long time, I tip my hat to you. With the cuckoos out there, being single is the best choice. Don’t settle. I apologize for wondering why it has taken you so long to find a gem. The fact is the goldmine is a barren place–but don’t despair…some gems exist.

If you want to know more about men and what has happened to them, please read on.

Ridiculous Grandeur on Their Biceps/Bodies

If you go on any online site, you will find a flood of men with practically naked photos.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good hard body as much as the next broad, but I don’t like people who sit around flaunting themselves and barely able to say anything about real life interests other than lifting weights.

“I like lifting weights.”

“I do crossfit.”

“Weights are my life.” Repeat ad nausem throughout the whole profile. Every question has an answer that essentially ends in, “I love my biceps and body. I am so pretty. I lift weights.”

I love exercise too and believe it’s good for the soul; I don’t believe in easy diet fixes.  And I enjoy working out too…and am happy to see if someone else does but…when that is all a person has to say about himself…it is sad.

It is sad because chances are the person simply wants to look like a stud.

Looks fade. Brains don’t. Read a book.


I got a message ( I don’t really respond to 99% of folks. Partially because people are crazy and partially as I am not really over my relationship) with a man dressed in a batman costume.

Look…there’s nothing wrong with role-playing or liking Batman or comics…or being a comic book artist or going to conventions…but what the hell?

Show us your face. If you are that self-conscious, don’t date but please…leave the costumes for Halloween, Comic-con, or the bedroom.

Sex Questions

I am so glad that people read my statement how jealousy is not healthy to think this means I want requests from men to be in open relationships, threesomes, and polyamory.

It’s cute really, but your long-winded message that eventually leads to soliciting me for sex when I don’t know you makes me think you are stupid. And stupid is as stupid does.


Smiley Faces

Hi. 🙂 Oh how are you? 🙂 🙂

And 🙂

Can you quit it with the smiley faces? I am glad you’re happy but really???



How many times can I ignore you? When did men become desperate? Have I been out of the loop for too long?

What Kid?

Classy move when dudes have kids but don’t state it on the profile.

Keep it classy dick. And keep it moving.

 In Summation

There are plenty of good dudes out there. I have come to find looking online as an interesting lesson in life after marriage. I don’t believe that the “one ” is on there, if there is a “one,” but it is damn funny to witness.

My ex-husband is a guy who I can rely on. Who doesn’t make kissy faces and stare at his biceps. He doesn’t have any pretenses, and he’s a good dad.

It makes me sad that he doesn’t appreciate such a witty and charming babe like myself when I see what a freak show it is out there.

But I won’t give up hope.

Good things come in small packages and I will wait for someone to tear open the label to see what’s inside.

Much more a fan of Batman than Spiderman,


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