8 Sexual Things to Try With Your Partner


Thanks to Yoganonymous for the shot

Before you all freak out on me about the topic at hand– she’s suggesting sex tips! Oy to the Vey!– note that not all of these are particularly wild. This isn’t an X rated blog, so I keep things in moderation while also noting that most people aren’t about to engage in group sex and other outlandish things. Most folks are just couples looking to keep it fresh and as someone who used to be a member of a couple (boo, not anymore), I figure as a sexually-liberated chick ( a woman who enjoys and is comfortable with sex and her own body, while respecting and honoring it), I might make suggestions you’ll find useful.

Try these 8 Sexual Suggestions to make a dull night  or day a bit more exciting whether you’re married for 15 years, or dating for 6 months.

 1-All Tied Up. Don’t Know What to Do

This must be done with someone you trust. Sister or brother, don’t attempt this with a one-night stand.

I think to be tied up while the other person teases you is a pretty easy way to try S&M without venturing in too deep. I also think it’s a real exercise in trust and patience…and stretches out the foreplay aspect of sex that men often skip. Sorry dudes, but sometimes you suck at foreplay.

Just saying.

2-I Never Met You

For a couple that has been together for ages, it’s hard to make it seem new when it’s the same old balls and (chain) you know?

This is best reserved for theatrical types, but even if you just get dressed up in your regular old clothes, and then arrive separately at a bar and act as if you don’t know each other–(no need for a script or role change, just simply “meet as if you just met” and listen to your partner’s intro like you once did), and see some of the fun come to life.

Most of the times, folks get stuck in their ways. They become staid and dull, and that’s when trouble begins. Don’t let that become your relationship.

3-Only Me

Ladies, men are kind of used to asking for what they want sexually and at times, being the forefront of the sexual act.

Consider this: in my early twenties, I knew many guys who barely knew how to perform oral sex for a woman, yet most of the young ladies I knew knew damn well how to perform it on a  guy.

Don’t do anything for him. Boss him around and tell him how you like it, and make him do all the work all on you.

If you’re a mom, you might particularly like this as you rarely do for yourself when you’re a mom. Be the center of attention and enjoy it.

4-On Film

More often than not, it seems men are more apt to come clean about porn and watch porn, than women. Women may watch it, but they’re not sharing this info.

Dudes, show your lady one film/video whatever that you enjoy.

Try to not show the most nastiest of things…

and ladies, open your mind to it. He’s not replacing you or trying to say you’re not enough but the fact is, we all find others attractive. We just don’t act on it.

See the things that your guy enjoys and maybe find a few things you might be willing to try with him.

If you watch porn ladies, share as I guarantee your guy will be interested.

5- Mutual Masturbation

This is great to do when either of you are sick…recovering from surgery…possibly even postpartum when a mom may not feel up to sex yet.

Watching each other or helping each other out is fun, doesn’t require birth control, and is guaranteed to end successfully. Who knows you better than you know yourself?


I went to the beach this week, and on one of the days, the chicks were hot and the guys were…not. Women are just beautiful, period.

Ladies, whether you hate your thighs or not, your dude doesn’t. Take some erotic photos and leave them around for him to see or..

send it to him when he’s working…

or ask him to set up a shoot, and wear or  don’t wear things that he finds appealing.

It’s nice to be viewed with pleasure and appreciated. And to be viewed in a respectful and safe setting in which you can let your hair down, literally.

* Don’t try this with someone you’ve just met please, unless you like your ass on Twitter. In that case, charge!

7- The Build-Up

One night, give each other massages while naked but whatever you do, don’t have sex or have foreplay other than kiss.

The next night, do the same thing, but try oral or just foreplay but don’t have sex–penetrative.

Repeat on a third night, but this time, do it!

The sensuality of the massage will relax you both…and the build up and hold off with having to wait will build real tension.

8- Go Shopping

Buy some toys together or simply head to a lingerie shop and give a show while in the fitting room.

It’s fun to find new things together. I suggest a more female-friendly shop like babeland.

If you’re happy and you know it, use your hands…and run to my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ page.


X’s and O’s,




8 thoughts on “8 Sexual Things to Try With Your Partner

  1. williamrburkettjr says:

    Enjoyable post. As a young man I engaged a young blonde prostitute who was up from Brittany to make her fortune in Paris.I was not quite a virgin but was clueless as to how to pleasure a woman orally. Being too shy (and my French too poor) to ask her permission to practice, I used one of the few terms I knew: “soixante neuf?” She was astonished. She repeated the term in amazement and managed to convey that no man had asked for that before in her budding career. She was pleased to begin. As I practiced with her, I recalled Henry Miller’s famous line about feeling like a porpoise nosing into a yielding coral reef,and happily did my best. Which led in a natural progression to her turning me around and pushing my head back down there and patiently, then enthusiastically coaching me in some of the finer points. I forgot completely about myself until she dragged me up over her and demanded penetration. When we were done and enjoying an un-professional snuggle, she kissed me and asked in broken English if I had a girlfriend. I said no–never have had one. She didn’t really comprehend that.But she asked if I would like a girlfriend. I say Oui. She said what are you doing tomorrow. I was thrilled beyond words, but had to tell her I was taking a plane for the States. She actually seemed disappointed. I sure was. But I never forgot her teachings, and they served me in good stead for decades. Nor did I ever forget her. And that was half a century ago! I hope she became a famous courtesan, made a bundle, married well and retired to the seacoast of Brittany. It’s pretty to think so…

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