Accept Your Partner’s Flaws: Advice From A Sage Jewish Guy

The other night as I was texting back and forth with my super hip dad whose age shall not be revealed ha, he shared this gem for me:

 “The Secret to Marriage is Accepting That Person’s Flaws Without Fail. Accepting the Person as is.”

And he went on to tell me how someone would accept me for all of my kookiness and glory, rather than wanting me to be someone different because as he said, “No One is Perfect.”

To me this doesn’t mean letting someone be mean to you or treat you like garbage, but instead it means accepting the person as is and not asking him or her to become someone entirely different so you can love him/her more. If you don’t love someone for who he/she is at that very moment you are about to walk down the aisle, it’s not love. If you don’t like the person’s flaws, money habits, demeanor, appearance, or life goals, you won’t be able to change the person, so walk away.

This also means that the grass is not greener on the other side. You can try to have affairs but the fact is, your affair will also have flaws. No one is the ideal. Someone is just ideal enough for you. All the bad things your partner has is probably much less than all the great things he or she brings to the table. Appreciate it. The girl next door with the great rack or the guy who makes 300K has issues too, and most of them you wouldn’t want to deal with anyway.


Thanks Dad!

From the Lips of One Chosen Person to Another,


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