What To Do When Your Ex Moves On

Your ex has moved on.

How do you know this? Perhaps he or she already has a new beau, or maybe an online dating profile. Whether your ex has started a serious spark or just a few flings, here is my take on what you should do when you have found out that your ex has moved on.

Don’t expect fuzzy tenderness here–but just hard cold truth.

 Screw Him/Her

Not literally, but seriously, who cares? Your ex may have been a total douchebag or perhaps you were the one to bring the relationship to a screeching halt. Whatever the reason is, just screw that person. You can’t fix it and it’s done. Move on. Pick your butt up and get out there when you’re ready. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

I Saw It!

Did you see your ex’s dating profile? I have met a few people who found their ex’s as a “match” for them on a site online.

No matter the case, who knows what your ex is doing. Your ex could be looking at all the freaks online and thinking, “Jeez, there are a whole bunch of weirdos out there,” or perhaps he or she has found a few to date. You don’t know. Don’t worry about it. If you do, repeat the step above and say, “F*CK IT!”

Move On Too

Everyone moves on from a relationship in one’s one time. One of the best pieces of relationship advice I can give anyone is when it is all said and done, move forward with one’s life and take what was learned from the past relationship and keep it as knowledge for the next one. Relationships are learning experiences. Take the answers you got from your last relationship–whether about sexual relations, arguments, living scenarios, or more, and find a better fit.

 You’re Awesome

Perhaps maybe you are a jerk but most likely if you read my blog or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’re smashing darling!

Your ex probably didn’t appreciate you. Find someone who does. You are a gem and don’t tolerate being treated like a rock.


Love Your Jewish Mother or Sister–



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