How To Tell If A Man Or Woman Likes You

He loves me, he loves me not.

Have you ever wondered if someone loves you or if it’s not the real deal?


If you have, it most likely isn’t the real deal. Here’s a short guide to help you figure out what’s going on with your potential partner or current partner. No psychics or self-help gurus required. Just great old dating advice from a sassy lady who won’t spew you any psycho-babble mumbo jumbo or sweet talk you. Just the facts, kid.

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Moving Forward After Marriage

I have been a little MIA with work and other varied things, but I promise to be gracing you all with some great posts shortly. I celebrated a birthday, and that will be written about as well soon.

I wanted to impart some wisdom though or nonsense, depending on how you feel about me and my work, about moving on after marriage.

Saying goodbye to someone whether he or she is totally wrong for you, mean to you, or just plain not for you, is extremely difficult. I don’t think that I will ever not have some feelings for my ex. He was my first love. I didn’t meet him until I was 30, and when I met him, I described it as meeting Prince Charming. Continue reading

Sex is Not Politically Correct

Last power blog of the night.

I read something awesome by the amazing Esther Perel, who said simply, “Sex is not politically correct.”

As a person of feminist standings, I certainly don’t want to be forced to stay barefoot in a kitchen, but when we have sex, all of those notions of “correctness” are dropped, or should be dropped.

Sex is the place to play–it’s the place to be submissive, dominant, raunchy, loud, and whatever else your desire leads you to. Gender and power roles…costuming…whatever the case may be, sex is supposed to be playful and not follow the same rules that life outside the bedroom asks us to abide by. 

This doesn’t mean people should engage in acts of molestation or with animals…god forbid, but just that it is okay to revert roles, be wild, or simply “politically incorrect” when having sex. 

Perel states that sex is the playroom for adults and that many of us have forgotten how to play. With respect, love, and a lot of fun, sex can be rewarding when it is most playful and incorrect.

Think about it.

Love and Kittens,