The Person Behind The Writer

Power blogging tonight as I need rest but I have important stuff in my head.

Remember in the  Wizard of Oz how the “wizard” was really just some old “Joe Schmoe?”

Well, in many ways, the person behind the writer can be entirely different than the “writer” character that you read on a daily basis.

As a writer of non-fiction, I can assure you that I don’t lie in my work, but just because I can write about things that are painful to me does not mean I can just walk up to some stranger and say, “Hey man, this is what’s happening in my life.”

For me, writing is the medium in which I search for answers, find peace and solace, and connect to others. Stand-up was/is the same for me although I have been caught up in writing projects. It is easier for me to tell a joke about being a victim of abuse than telling someone, “Hey this bad thing happened to me.”

I find people who barely know me messaging me on Facebook asking me personal things because of my writing, and I suppose it’s just the nature of the beast.

But remember that many writers find it easy to face our battles on the page than in person. A painter paints how he or she feels and looks for solutions with art. I look for mine with words but it doesn’t mean I always want to share them in person.

I guess it depends on the day.

With pen and quill,


2 thoughts on “The Person Behind The Writer

  1. candidkay says:

    Ah, yes. To put it out there means to get questions that are a bit intrusive. I find Elizabeth Gilbert so artful at loving her community of followers but keeping some boundaries in her life–and doing it gracefully. A fine line to walk.

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