How To Tell If A Man Or Woman Likes You

He loves me, he loves me not.

Have you ever wondered if someone loves you or if it’s not the real deal?


If you have, it most likely isn’t the real deal. Here’s a short guide to help you figure out what’s going on with your potential partner or current partner. No psychics or self-help gurus required. Just great old dating advice from a sassy lady who won’t spew you any psycho-babble mumbo jumbo or sweet talk you. Just the facts, kid.

 Lame Ass Excuses

If your partner or potential babe/dude has lame excuses for why he/she didn’t call, buy you a gift or card, forgot your anniversary, or why he/she has been MIA for awhile, he/she isn’t into you. Sure, a good partner might forget an anniversary or special day, but if the person does this often, he or she just isn’t into you. Sorry.

Last-Minute Plans

We all have those friends in our lives or family members who make plans at the last second. Someone who is really into you doesn’t ask you at the last-minute every single time you two hang.

Consider this: Time. Attention. Touch.

Does the person give you his/her attention, time, and physical touch?

Well, then you’ve got a keeper.


If someone is reluctant to commit, it’s not because you did something wrong, it’s all about that person. Either the person isn’t into you, or can’t decide what he/she wants. Not your problem. You’re a partner–not a shrink. If you’re coaxing the person into seeing you too often, or you’re constantly solving someone’s problems, end it!

You’re Gone

If you break it off and the person doesn’t try his or her hardest to win you back, short of stalking you (that is never cute!) he or she isn’t into you. Get over it.

The biggest mistakes I see people make, ( or I myself have made) is waiting for someone to show he/she cares, or trying to figure out what I did wrong in order to sort of guarantee that things will work out. Guess what? Forever isn’t guaranteed. Take care of yourself and be with someone who does the same, and hopefully it works out.

The Worst-Case Scenario

You end up alone. I accept that I will most likely end up alone and I suppose it is better than being with someone who doesn’t really love you.

So far, no one has died from loneliness as far as I can tell, but people have died from misery.

Choose happiness.

And chocolate.

And while you’re at it, follow me on twitter, will ya? Do a gal a favor.

XX’s and OO’s,


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