How To Ask Your Partner, Wife, or Lady Friend For Sex Tonight

You’re in the mood for love, as the sophisticated adult crowd used to call it. And is she? Well, it all depends on how you propose your offer. Sure, plenty of women are more sexually active or interested in sex than men, but in case you are wanting to dilly-dally in the sheets and you’re not sure if she is, try these tips:

Not About You Kid

Stop making it about you. All over magazines as a teen and now as an adult, all I see her articles on how to please a dude. Guess what? We women are tired of sexual pleasure being all about the guy. Approach us with the attitude of “I want to please you. What can I do? How do you want it?”

Ask and listen. If you know what she likes, try it right away. Forget about your erection and worry about hers or her potential to get excited. If you do that, your own solider will be properly manned and attended to.


Romantic Interlude

Some women enjoy porn. Others find it to be fake and lacking that storyline we chicks do tend to like.

Give her a storyline.

It could be watching a sexy movie she might like, or asking her to read to you some of her erotica.

Or it could be breaking away from your norm and taking her somewhere you’ve never been or haven’t been in awhile. Or even talking about a past sexual act you two enjoyed together…or a romantic moment.

Just Ask

Sure, she may say no, but I have experienced a guy who didn’t want to ask because he thought I would say no, when the truth was I wished he would initiate. Ask and you (might) receive. Don’t ask and you’ll receive zilch.

Break the Routine

If you have a routine or sexual habit, break it tonight by introducing the act in a way you haven’t before or haven’t in awhile. If it’s always a “Hey honey, I’m going to bed tonight– you interested in coming up with me?” approach, try interrupting her favorite tv show or while she’s on the ‘net. Just be sure her show can be recorded or you might have a cranky woman.

Tell Her

How much you like having her next to you naked. Or get more graphic. Whatever your style is, let her know how much you want her not only because you’re excited, but because she’s special. Who doesn’t like to feel special?

Find me on Facebook and have a happy night tonight. You only live once and you can sleep when you’re in the ground!



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