5 Reasons Being Married is Awesome


I think people who are married sometimes forget how good it can be to be married. I’m not saying that it’s a dream every single day, but that there are wonderful things about marriage that some married people forget.  It’s easy to get caught up in the bad feelings and times, and forget the good things because you’re knee deep in a fight or stress. It’s important though throughout the course of a marriage to stop and reflect on all the good in the person you chose.

But in case you’ve forgotten and think how awesome it must be to be single, we formerly married and/ or single people who’ve never married are here to remind you of why marriage can be so great.


Let’s face it, the older we get, the more stuck we are in our ways. When we were younger, a hot babe with no brain or a clueless numskull who dressed and acted like a putz but had a good package were still worthy of some bed play time.

As we get older and have higher standards–and let’s fact it, way less patience, those dingbats aren’t worthy bedmates. Plus, some people don’t age too well. And we’re busy adults with responsibilities. We don’t have the same time to go to a bar and hope to make out with someone cute.

Being married means easy access to, well,  sex.  And hopefully your partner knows your body best. No one knows me like my ex– and when someone invests that much time in you, he or she knows the correct buttons.

Appreciate it.


It’s nice exchanging gifts and engaging in traditions with your spouse. When you’re divorced, you may end up spending the holiday…alone. Without your kids. When you’re married, even if you can’t stand her or his family, or you’re worried about buying the wrong gift, at the end of the day, you’re with the person you love, which is the whole reason for the holidays.

Sure, when you’re single you could be with people you love as well, but it’s nice having a family around the holidays. And if you’re divorced you can remember the times when it was everyone together, and not splitting the day or being by yourself.


When you’re on your own, you’re on your own. Storms. Illness. Snow. Weddings to attend. Family gatherings. House junk.  You’re running the show.

If you’re divorced with kids, then you know that you’re running the show– and then some!

If you’re married, you may not like how your wife folds your socks, but dammit, she’s folding them and you’re not. You may hate how he washes the dishes, but did you have to do them?

Two heads are better than one sometimes.


Above all, you should be friends with the person you married. There’s nothing like exchanging a knowing glance between the two of you or your partner knowing how you’ll respond before you do.

When you’re dating, the people you date don’t know that you can’t stand X or Y, and they might think you’re weird instead of endearing.

Taxes And Income

Being married means combining financial forces. You may whine about the lack of money, but subtract your incomes, take the difference and then divide by 30% and  voila!– you’ve got divorce.

Maybe your money troubles don’t seem so bad now, do they?

Being married to the wrong person can be awful, but in general, if you loved the person when you walked down the aisle, that same person as a bunch of wonderful things about him or her just like she/he did when you said, “I do.” Try to remember them even when you’re mad. I recognize that this is a simple way to view it, but maybe that’s how it should be.


Betrothed to Chocolate,


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