To Teenage Girls and Women in Their 20’s: Don’t Apologize

I have been pondering this for the past week, and feel compelled to share this brief but passionate blog with you all.

I am a nice person. I am sometimes too nice. I feel bad upsetting someone. I say yes, and then realize I took on too much. I assert myself and then wonder, “Do people think I am a bitch?” “Will X person be mad at me?” “Will he or she speak to me again?” “Maybe I spoke up too much.”

I am here to tell all you young ladies under 30 and hell, even those over 30,  screw that!

There is no reward in heaven, the afterlife, or in the grave for being the nicest person. There is no reward for keeping everyone happy. For making men feel comfortable. For keeping quiet so no one gets upset or has his/her feathers ruffled.

There is a big punishment though for when you’re too nice:

– taken advantage of

-cheated on or lied to

-lost in the cracks

-left to wonder again and again, “why this bad person screwed you over”

-not succeeding in a career, in particular, with salary and bonuses

-being mentally exhausted from saying yes all the time

-feeling like a doormat

I am not saying you should go and be a jerk to everyone or just say what’s on your mind 24.7, but that you shouldn’t feel bad when you have to say no. That you shouldn’t worry so much if people like you. You can’t make everyone happy all the time, but you damn well are the only person responsible for keeping you happy. Not your partner, family, or friends.

You don’t need to say yes and keep your mouth shut all the time.

You don’t need to put up with someone treating you like crap because hey, you’re a nice person.

Take care of you. Don’t be afraid to be the bitch sometimes. Don’t worry about saying no.

And dump that jerk that takes advantage of you.

You are in charge of your own happiness, and so drive that damn car over the happy bridge right now girl.

You deserve it.

In sisterhood,


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5 thoughts on “To Teenage Girls and Women in Their 20’s: Don’t Apologize

  1. mrskc13 says:

    Reblogged this on Just A Free Bird and commented:
    I agree completely! When I say something that I fully believe in I don’t apologize, maybe it hurts to hear it but it’s the truth. I remind myself everyday it doesn’t matter what people think of me, I will be my only judge. And guess what! I like myself, I love myself and I am perfectly imperfect! I’m in charge of this rodeo, no one else! I’ve been lied to, stolen from, cheated on and so on. To those people, they can kiss my ass, my life has no room for them in it! Always believe and stand up for yourself, remember, at the end of the day you know the truth, you know what you’re going through, let no one be the judge of you! ❤️

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