Three Reasons Why Nice Guys Are Better In Bed

Everyone likes muscles and a big “package.” By everyone, I mean  straight women and gay men.

And by big, well…that’s relative, but just google the average size of a male member to do some mathematical calculation. By muscles–I mean large muscles, ribbed abs, tight glutes, etc.

But just because the guy is packing, doesn’t mean he is going to be your dream date in bed.  A lot of hot guys– not all– are too self-absorbed to care about your experience in bed ladies. And because I’m a woman and a champion of all of my sisterhood, I like to give straight advice to woman and men about sex. I am here to say– “Give the nice guy a chance,ladies.”

Here are three reasons why nice guys are better in bed than your neighborly big penised, narcissistic, muscular garden variety dude.

They Care About You Finishing

I’m not saying that every muscular dude with a large package could care less ladies about you having an orgasm, but a nice guy always will. He isn’t nice if he doesn’t care about you enjoying sex with him. A nice guy wants you to enjoy the experience with him because he won’t enjoy it if you don’t.

Smart Enough. Knows Better

A nice guy knows if he does a crap job the first time, there won’t be a second invitation to the bedroom.

A narcissist ripped hunk doesn’t care if there’s a second time because he will just look at himself while taking selfies if he’s lonely, or will find someone else to bore.

But I’m So Pretty

Look, I am not slamming all hot dudes of the world. I think my ex was very attractive, and he was not a jerk in bed.

But you ladies and gents know who I am talking about. There are some dudes that think they’re soooo pretty that they don’t care if they’re a drip in the sack because they believe someone else will come along and properly fawn over them and not care that they’re terrible at oral.

A nice guy sees himself as valuable, but not above others or–above you. He sees you as an equal and wants to synergize, in the most naughtiest way possible of course.

The Lesson, Ladies?

Try out a nice guy for size–even if his size isn’t sizable or laudable. He’ll deliver the goods.


A Smart Woman.

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