The Beginning of the End? A Lifetime of Celibacy

About 99% of the people I know are dating or are married.

And while I do know a few singleton’s and non-dating folks, it seems that I am surrounded by marrieds, as what happens when people are in their 30’s perhaps.

Now that my marriage is over and the two of us are on our way to being single people, you would think a fetching and witty gal such as myself would be dating up a storm.

You would be dead wrong.

You would be very dead and wrong, if you were holding your breath assuming I am dating.

Someone asked me why I wasn’t dating. Said I was attractive and upbeat.

To that question I say, I haven’t met anyone worth dating.

I don’t think that as of today, November 2nd, 2014, I am ready for the next Mr. Lifshitz. Perhaps. Maybe.

Yeah, that’s what I said.

I am ready for the next, Mister Dinner Tonight, but in terms of pacing, I’m not stupid. I don’t believe in rushing into something after ending a marriage. That’s just dumb and I have more common sense than that. I don’t just have myself to think of, but also my kid. We need time to process.

Everyone pushed the online agenda. Co-workers. Friends. It makes the most sense, logistically. I am a single mom who works full-time, and isn’t out at the bars. Where else am I to meet someone? But I found the online world not very fruitful. It seemed like a ton of work: like wading through a virtual bar of drips just to hope to get a gem of a guy.

Sure, i could settle and just hang out with someone for company, but who has time to settle? Who has time to hang out with someone just because he or she is lonely? Not this broad.

It’s beginning to feel as if it’s the beginning of the end of romance, and of fun.

I hate to think that, because I’m a fun gal and a real pistol! Romance and fun are right up my alley. Just call me Mrs. Romantic.

Someone told me the other day it’s a good thing I got a divorce before I turned 40.

Yup. Apparently once I turn 40, men won’t want me.

I found it insulting and really harsh to say.

Maybe men won’t want me now in my thirties or ever in my 40’s.

If a whole entire sex has doomed me because I am not 20 then I say, a F You very much!

I’m a committed mother, hard-working woman, and intense writer and passionate thespian/comedienne who hasn’t had enough stage time as of late because I’m pulling so many hours in laptop time writing.

If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what else is.

This dry spell has really been a drag, but I try to take a positive spin: at least I am not settling, rushing into something, or wasting time. And I am assessing, healing, and picking up the pieces from the divorce. That’s pretty nifty, isn’t it?

Each minute of my time is precious and I am going to make sure it’s a minute and life well spent with the people I love.

Hopefully eventually, I will find a person to love,to enjoy me in these few precious minutes. To me, it’s not the money or things that matter, but the people that enter and hopefully, enrich our lives that make life worth living.

For now, it’s a sisterhood of the mini-blondes, my daughter and me, kicking ass (okay, I am kicking ass, she’s just taking names) one day at a time.

Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated,


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