Stop and Play With Your Kids, Parents

This little diatribe came into my head after watching a bunch of countless park visits, birthday parties, and other kid-friendly activities in which I saw parents suction-cupped to their phones.

We all need a break as parents, but I just want to shake these people and say: “This time could pass before you know it, and your kids won’t play with you.”

Or if they’re unlucky as myself, they could end up divorced, dividing the time with their kids in thirds, half, or whatever.

When I was an at-home mom, I still played with my kid and took breaks as appropriate, but for some reason I find it pervasive that parents are not only phone-glued and tech-glued, but they’re just damn stiff.

Getting goofy, having fun, and being a little loud seems like a tough stretch for some of these parents.

I remember a dad who refused to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” at a parent and me class because it wasn’t macho enough.

Parents: be loud. Be goofy. Be stupid. Have some fun. It’s good for your heart and spirit. There’s a reason why kids are so happy and it’s not just because they’re carefree but also because they’re willing to let their mind take them wherever it wants to go. Put down the phone and let your mind wander…


Dreamy and Goofy,


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