3 Things Divorced Single Moms Think About Marrieds

Maybe I am the only one who thinks these things–it’s possible considering I’m a little kooky, but here are some thoughts I have as a divorced single mom about marrieds:

1- The Help

Oftentimes, friends and random people complain about how their partner helps them. Maybe it’s the husband who folds laundry wrong or perhaps it’s the wife who can’t cook, but manages to scramble a dinner each night…or a husband who offers to cook, and can only make pasta.

While I imagine a world of wrinkly shirts and spaghetti each night isn’t too hot, think about where you might be if you were the only person doing everything!

I wish I could complain about bad pasta and wrinkly shirts. I’m too busy doing it all by myself to bother.

Appreciate what you have. Your partner may not be perfect, but I’m sure your wife or husband isn’t all that bad.

2-Don’t Want To Be Your Confidant in Misery

Maybe I am the only divorced single mom who gets this, but I am NOT the person to confide in men, when you’re unhappily married. I don’t want you, and I won’t encourage you to act like a jerk or encourage any flirtation with me. You’re married. If you’re unhappy, do something about it. Don’t project your fantasies and needs onto me. I’m not interested.

P.S. Your wife should dump your ass.

Not sure if other single divorced or single moms have this issue, but I am tired of the “sad miserable married dude” coming to me as if I am going to give him permission to act like a d*%k.

3-We Don’t Need To Meet Your Single Friends

For some reason, people think I should want to meet and date their single friends because…we both have so much in common: we are both single.

Pardon me but, I believe you married someone you had stuff in common with, not just because you had the opposite genitalia or the same genitalia (whatever your flavor is) and were single.

One person offered up a friend saying, “He can be a baby, but he’s single too.”

Sounds like a super catch! Thanks!

We’re divorced. Not desperate.

I appreciate my friends who in the past before marriage, introduced me to folks he or she thought I had a lot in common with. And I do appreciate my friends not wanting me to be alone…but I am okay alone. I want to meet the  right one.  Not just  any one.

Desperately Seeking Chocolate,



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