1 Major Sign It’s Time To Cut Someone From Your Life

Sometimes when you’re just a nice half-Jewish girl, you don’t really know how to cut people off. Or you don’t get mad when you should, or you get mad when you shouldn’t, because you’re just so tired of being so nice and smiling…and generally doing stuff to make another person happy.

If you are like me, and tend to turn the other cheek way too much, I have a brief but important lesson for you:

If you feel as if someone is always making you feel like crap about yourself, it’s you– but not in the way you think.Sure, you have bad traits. We all do. But if someone constantly makes you feel like a piece of garbage, chances are it’s you–you letting that toxic person into your life and squashing your spirit.

Should you listen to criticism? Yes. But don’t do what I have done in the past. I have swallowed every bad word as truth, when the fact is, that person or those people really just put me down because they feel bad about themselves. It’s easy to be a bully: bullies don’t have to self-reflect and grow. They can work on making others feel small in order to make themselves feel like better people.

They’re not.

So it’s you–you keeping that person around.

Sometimes it is so hard to say goodbye. Trust me, been there and done that.

But prolonging the inevitable makes the pain worse and the damage hard to fix.

Get out before you have forgotten what makes you beautiful, inside and out.

I am beautiful in every single way, even if I am vertically-challenged,


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