Dating in the Digital Age: When Match.Com Says Your Ex is A Match For You

Now that I am almost divorced, I figured I would try online dating. I’m a single mom, I work full-time, I freelance, and I have a full life outside of all of that (as if that weren’t enough). I don’t have time or a babysitter to be at a bar each night, waiting for Romeo to show up, so I figured why not try to catch a fish from the comfort of my laptop and iPhone.

Ha.Boy, was I not prepared for what I found in the “new” online dating world. Since I met my ex, things have changed, and this article details my journey in the digital world: from foot slaves to 19 year-old guys, read my experience.

The Beginning of the End? A Lifetime of Celibacy

About 99% of the people I know are dating or are married.

And while I do know a few singleton’s and non-dating folks, it seems that I am surrounded by marrieds, as what happens when people are in their 30’s perhaps.

Now that my marriage is over and the two of us are on our way to being single people, you would think a fetching and witty gal such as myself would be dating up a storm.

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