New Year’s Resolutions That Are Worthy To Keep For Divorced Moms (And the Divorced)

While originally my article concentrated on divorced and single moms, I really feel like so much of this advice can pertain to people who are divorced, sans children.

Normally, I find NYR to be a ridiculous notion that ends up being forgotten once you’re too cold and snowed in ( I live on the East Coast) to give a s*#t about what you eat, do, or say. But now as I am entering into a totally new stage of life– divorce, and have no rule book or guidelines to follow, I started to think about how I wanted the next year to look. And that’s when these thoughts or resolutions came to my head.

Enjoy and share these New Year’s Resolutions. They’re easy to keep and simple and that my friends, are the only resolutions you need!

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Shattering the Partner Myth & Finding Happiness

It finally happened.

As the holiday season plowed through, single friend after divorced friend came on to social media to post photos of their new sweethearts. There they were, smiling under a tree, out a party, or just simply hugging.

Then I heard my ex was talking to someone, but that apparently fizzled out.

And where was Laura Lifshitz?

Getting her second request from someone to be her foot slave.

For one minute, I sulked.

Why is everyone else dating? Why am I alone weekend after weekend? Why don’t I get asked out more or at all?

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Why Sex Is More Important Than Talking (Sometimes)

I know some of my more conservative friends may think I’m a bit crazy, but there’s something to be said about sex– that even conservatives can get behind. It furthers the population. Even if it doesn’t, it helps you sleep better, burns calories, and initiates bonding with our mate. But as a woman who is particularly garrulous, even I have been known to tell a man, “Let’s talk.”

Talk. Talk. Talk. That’s all women want to do. We want to communicate. Share. But sometimes, a little shutting up and instead, entering the bedroom or wherever you prefer is the better choice. Here’s why:

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An Almost Divorced Mother’s Christmas List

Are you there Santa, it’s me, Laura Lifshitz. You said you gave gifts to all God’s children, even if rich or poor in that song by Bing Crosby or some other white guy, but it seems you may have forgotten my household for many years.

See, I have a few things I would like this year, but I wasn’t sure if you’re getting the memo. At this state in your career, you probably have burn-out and even mild dementia. The back issues and corns you have from all your travel are also burdensome, I am sure. But perhaps Santa, you might consider sending me, your favorite Half-Jewish blonde, some of these on my list? Thanks, Sweets

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Don’t Have Your Kid On Christmas? Be Jewish For The Day!

Being Jewish often means chinese food and movies on the biggest holiday of the year for Christianity, Christmas!

But when you’re divorced, you might not have your kids on the biggest most wonderful day of the year, so what do you do? You adapt the skills of a quirky half-Jewess.


Learn my tricks of the trade here.

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Don’t Be A Martyr, Mommies!

Each time I hear women talk about being a mom, it’s rare to hear any of them talk joyously about something they have done or want to do for themselves. Instead, there’s a guilt-tinge to their words, and other moms seem to suggest that doing things for themselves might be a bit selfish. Not appropriate for the Super Moms of the Millenium.

Well, I’m here to distinguish that myth. This holiday season while you’re making sure everyone is attended to, do something nice for yourself moms with these great suggestions in Pop Sugar, by yours truly!

I’ll raise you a glass of wine to your peanut butter cups,