Don’t Be A Martyr, Mommies!

Each time I hear women talk about being a mom, it’s rare to hear any of them talk joyously about something they have done or want to do for themselves. Instead, there’s a guilt-tinge to their words, and other moms seem to suggest that doing things for themselves might be a bit selfish. Not appropriate for the Super Moms of the Millenium.

Well, I’m here to distinguish that myth. This holiday season while you’re making sure everyone is attended to, do something nice for yourself moms with these great suggestions in Pop Sugar, by yours truly!

I’ll raise you a glass of wine to your peanut butter cups,


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Martyr, Mommies!

  1. spacefreedomlove says:

    Reblogged this on spacefreedomlove and commented:
    I am 100% in agreement that parentis deserve, if not require “me” time to remain sane and prevent burn out. My mother was a martyr and I followed her example. It was the perfect set up for depression. The best thing I did to end this unproductive cycle was to invite every single one of my daughter’s preschool classmates moms for a night out. It’s become a monthly thing now. Sometimes we do it more often if we’re game and I’ve created a second mom’s group with mothers in the neighborhood with whom I’ve become friendly.

    As a depressed introvert with two toddlers, this was no easy task, but I pushed through the anxiety until my acquaintances became true friends.

    I promise the world will not end in your absence and you’ll set a good example for self-care for your children. We need not feel guilty for nurturing our souls.

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