5 Reasons Why A Woman Will Say No To Sex Tonight

If you’ve heard the word “no” when asking a woman for sex, you may feel pretty crappy. Nobody likes to hear “no” about pretty much anything. But before you feel down about yourself or fear for your male member’s sanity and possibly yours, consider these 5 reasons why your woman may have said no to “sheet hockey” tonight:

Fat Days

Even skinny women have their bloated yucky days, and it just may be that your woman is having a “fat” day or feeling self-conscious about a zit, wrinkle, saggy area, or whatever.

If that’s the case, you have two options:

1- leave her be and let her have a night to herself or

2- try to make her feel good about herself. Whether that’s complimenting her, giving her a massage, or making her dinner, it’s worth a shot.

Mad At You

Sometimes if a woman is mad at you, you’ll get the metaphorical version of “sleep on the couch” by being ignored or worse, you will end up on the couch. If she’s mad at you, do you know why? Did you do something wrong? Can you do something to make it up to her or make an effort to change a behavior she can’t stand? Or, perhaps let her cool off and wait until the next day. Take it easy tiger with an angry woman.


She might actually indeed, have a headache. If she is, nagging her to “bang you” isn’t going to get you any play anytime soon. Don’t be an insensitive jerk. Offer to make her feel better. Women like men who show they care.

If she has her period, she may also hold off–and you may too. Personally, I say let the action run month long, but then again, I am half-Jewish and a distant distant cousin of Moses, who parted the Red Sea.

Yeah…I went there! So hate me, haters!

You’re Annoying

Are you trying to romance her or are you sitting there in a disheveled shirt, playing video games or scratching your crotch in your sweatpants looking oh-so sexy as you ask?

Look not every night can be tangos and roses, we ladies know that…but sometimes, it’s nice to have some effort.

People Need Her All Day Long

If she’s a mommy, she may have a kid or perhaps a kid and job “needing” her all day long. I frequently hear mommies tell me that at the end of the night, they want to be left alone. Personally mommies, I don’t think that’s a healthy attitude for a marriage or relationship but I do understand why you feel that way. It’s understandable when kids are up your butt all day to want some peace, so here are my solutions:

-ladies, sacrifice the night and let your man paw at you. Relations keep a couple happy.

-men: do something to ease the daily burdens, and be an active dad so that way kids can ask you to do stuff and not always rely solely on mom. That’s draining.

I hope these tips help you men sleep better at night, after long sexual rendezvous!

With love,


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