An Almost Divorced Mother’s Christmas List

Are you there Santa, it’s me, Laura Lifshitz. You said you gave gifts to all God’s children, even if rich or poor in that song by Bing Crosby or some other white guy, but it seems you may have forgotten my household for many years.

See, I have a few things I would like this year, but I wasn’t sure if you’re getting the memo. At this state in your career, you probably have burn-out and even mild dementia. The back issues and corns you have from all your travel are also burdensome, I am sure. But perhaps Santa, you might consider sending me, your favorite Half-Jewish blonde, some of these on my list? Thanks, Sweets

Happy Child

I would say my daughter is happy. I would say she would be happier if her family were in one piece.If her life mirrored the Barbie Dream House her nana bought her. I would say even further that amongst her current life situation, she is happy despite.

All I want is for to adjust as best as she can to a set of circumstances she has no control over.

A wish any mother can relate to.

I still think a married household is better than two, but if the marriage cannot sustain no matter how much love is there, there is no choice but to dissolve it.


Being healthy is the most important gift of all. With a slight challenge brought to my health recently, I hope it is merely normal changes and nothing else. I am grateful for the ability to run and play with my child. It is something we forget and take for granted. Watching a lovely friend and family go through the cancer fight reminds me how health is so important, and I hope for it for her and for all my loved ones.


It is hard to end something, especially something that comes with so many wonderful sides. Some relationships are god-awful every minute, but ours was not. It makes saying goodbye harder. I wish for peace and guidance to make the right choices for a productive and happy life.

Sustainability And Career

I wish for money, to keep coming in. Being financially independent is tough for a mom on her own, starting almost fresh. For my own sanity and for my daughter’s, I hope for stability that brings the roof over the head and the food at the table.

Hot Men

I don’t want to remarry today.Maybe another day. I wish for hot men who ask nothing major of me and who want very little. I am a tough crowd, and plan on being incredibly cautious about who enters in my life for the long haul. Santa, make them hot, make them nice, and make them easy.

I am not ready to replace my family or find a substitute. On the menu is fun.

No Substitutes

With that said, if an amazing person entered my life, that would be quite a treat and it would be nice to converse with someone who has something of value to offer, besides just abs.

But make no mistake, I am not looking for any  substitutes, or in other words, men who aren’t quite right for me or my life longterm, but who are just there as placeholders. I see so many women doing this–using placeholders to fill up their “loneliness basket” instead of waiting for the right one.


With myself, my kid, and my life. Things come in time, and I have endured many life changes. Being patient with myself is key.


Staying focused on my goal and life direction– my kid. These are the things that will and have brought me great joy.


That I will have many stories to share and interesting ways to say them in order to keep a dialogue with people, and keep work on my roster.


Fun. Sex. Magic. Friendship. Hugs. Adventure. Life is built on play and too many adults forget how to enjoy the experience of life. May I never forget. May I always find joy.

With Candy Canes, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, and Gingerbread,


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