Why Sex Is More Important Than Talking (Sometimes)

I know some of my more conservative friends may think I’m a bit crazy, but there’s something to be said about sex– that even conservatives can get behind. It furthers the population. Even if it doesn’t, it helps you sleep better, burns calories, and initiates bonding with our mate. But as a woman who is particularly garrulous, even I have been known to tell a man, “Let’s talk.”

Talk. Talk. Talk. That’s all women want to do. We want to communicate. Share. But sometimes, a little shutting up and instead, entering the bedroom or wherever you prefer is the better choice. Here’s why:

Talking Doesn’t Always Bring Clarity

Talking doesn’t always clear the air. Mostly couples talk when they’re fighting and sometimes, the two people involved may be heated and angry. No one listens when he/she is mad. Sometimes, couples talk in circles and still don’t quite see where the the other person is coming from.

Sometimes, a little old fashioned bonding called sex will help dissipate the stress and lead to a better talk–later on.

Men Not As Verbal?

Who knows if these old gender stereotypes are true but it does seem that in my dealings with men, men were more often to shirk the talking than I was. Maybe a little touchy-feely can open up the man to talking or seeing your point of view. Maybe giving her some attention will make her feel special and willing to loosen up on some of her “wants.”

It Won’t Always Resolve

Some fights never resolve. Accept this and accept the situations as they are as long as they are livable fights. For example, your partner may always be bad at remembering dates. Do your best to deal with this unless it’s a deal breaker.

Don’t overtalk things to death. It beats a relationship horse in the face.

A little massage and other things, are better choices.

Touch Reciprocates Touch

Touching each other reinforces the bond and commitment. It reminds each other, “hey we are here together. we love each other.”

Try it out before you go to have another deep  connecting talk.

Chains and Dip,


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