Why You Should Date My Ex-Husband

While divorce has not always been a picnic for me, overall, my ex and I have managed to keep the claws in and focus on what is best for our daughter and the three of us as people.

Here is my piece for the Huffington Post Divorce Blog, “Why You Should Date My Ex-Husband

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5 People To Be Wary Of When Getting A Divorce

This one is really for the ladies.

Divorcing ladies & moms:

When you go through a divorce, even the easiest ones have stress. It’s hard not to feel vulnerable, afraid, and stressed.

But please, be wary of these 5 emotional bloodsuckers you may meet on the path to divorce.

I personally have met 4 of the 5 people I discuss.

Please read and share this article on
Who To Be Wary of When Divorcing“– it could help a lady out!

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7 Arguments Why Mothers Should Work– Even Just Part-Time

Earning money– whether is is through a part-time hobby, a full-time career, or on a freelance basis, is crucial for mothers.

It boosts self-esteem, gives a woman workplace viability if she decides to return to work full-time later on down the line, and it gives her financial independence.

Here is my latest article on why SAHM and working moms alike should make their own money.

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8 Things A Man Does That Turn A Woman On

Here I am in the middle of a snowstorm, dead alone. It’s a damn shame. You all should know that winter exists so people can make babies or practice making babies. I won’t be doing either. The other day, a poor guy who rang me up at a convenience store gave me one of the lamest pick up lines ever. Before I could hand him my items to scan he says: “You look like such a happy person (I do). Do you know any good clubs out here? Anywhere to have fun?” Me: “Nope, I have no clue. Sorry.” Him: “But you look so happy. I really want to go out and have fun. I really want to go to a club.” Me: “I really don’t know where to go. I hope you have a good weekend. Good luck!” I think he may have had some learning issue. I don’t know. His awful approach though had me thinking that I know full well what turns me off about most men– and most women do too. But what turns us on by the opposite sex? I started to remember guys that always seemed to excite me– no matter what the situation. So I’ve compiled a list. Here goes: Continue reading

5 Tactics To Get Out Of Making Dinner Tonight

There’s nothing worse than making dinner day in and day out, without ever a respite or helping hands to give you a break from your role as family chef!

But never fear, I– dinner-maker avoider & Jill-of-all strategies, have 5 tactics to help you get out of making dinner tonight.

And yes, I am not above using my feminine wiles to make that happen damnit.

Enjoy these 5 tactics here.

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The Pact Part II- Letting Go Of Bad Men, Low-Self Esteem & Embracing the future

I wrote a week or two ago how I had promised myself I would not return to negativity, bad dudes, or obsessive worrying, but in this version, I got more real and honest about where I have been…and where I plan to go.

Please share this article…you never know what woman is struggling to get on her feet.

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Before I Was A Parent: I Thought I Knew It All

Before I was a mom, there I was shaking my head while a mom toted a toddler to the store in the polar vortex cold, without shoes.

Before I was a mom, there I was tisk-tisking when parents brought their rambunctious preschoolers to “adult” restaurants.

I never said anything but silently, I judged…and now, as a mom, karma has bit me in the butt.

Read “To The Parents I Judged Before I Was A Parent” now.

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My Funny Mom Fails: Does Your Kid Like To Sing The Word Vagina?

Sometimes as moms, we have some not-so shiny moments that we’re not dying to share all over social media.

Why? Well, sometimes these moments are sad, embarrassing, or otherwise. Women like to act that as moms, they know what they’re doing all the time. It’s false and annoying to keep up the ‘Perfect’ Mommy charade so in honor of airing out my fails, here’s my article on some of my funniest mommy fails and most of them require potty words!

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