Finding Gratitude During Hard Times: A Star In the Grey Sky of Divorce

Today, I was doing a google search looking for places that had shared my content when lo and behold, I found this article.

It’s a blog on how even amongst the hardship of divorce & the holidays, someone was able to find gratitude in the situation.

That “someone,” was me.

A lawyer had found an article I wrote and was impressed with my outlook, and how so far my ex-husband and I have handled our divorce situation and our child.

I was stunned, and happy to see that a bad situation in my life has been able to provide some light and comfort to others going through the process or at the very least, a new perspective.

I never thought making such a difficult choice (that took us almost 2 years+) to make would have a positive impact on others, as well as myself.

In the end, I want my daughter to be able to grow up and say, “My parents put their own problems aside and worked together for me. They made it easy for me.”

Because really, do the kids ask for their parents to be divorced? No, they never do. So if we as parents cannot reasonably work together to stay together, the least we can do is work together to parent together.

She deserves that.

A Star Is In My Sky,


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