5 Things A Single Mom Needs To Thrive– Not Just Survive

Whether you’ve been a single mom from day one or became one due to divorce or other circumstances, it can be a challenge. Initially when my ex and I separated, my first thoughts were: how do I survive? How do I pay bills, where will I live when the house is gone, and what is going to happen to me were my first big pressing issues. And while those issues are still at hand at some point, I had to figure a way to move forward and not just “get by” each day but also, enjoy my life again.

And while I stated 5 very important things a single mom needs to thrive, I want to add that chocolate, battery-operated objects, and a good relationship with my ex has also helped me to move forward. My ex and I did not work out, but we make damn good parents.

Here’s 5 things a single mom needs to thrive. Please share!

With Dark Mint Chocolate Delight & A High-Five To All My Friends,


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