8 Things A Man Does That Turn A Woman On

Here I am in the middle of a snowstorm, dead alone. It’s a damn shame. You all should know that winter exists so people can make babies or practice making babies. I won’t be doing either. The other day, a poor guy who rang me up at a convenience store gave me one of the lamest pick up lines ever. Before I could hand him my items to scan he says: “You look like such a happy person (I do). Do you know any good clubs out here? Anywhere to have fun?” Me: “Nope, I have no clue. Sorry.” Him: “But you look so happy. I really want to go out and have fun. I really want to go to a club.” Me: “I really don’t know where to go. I hope you have a good weekend. Good luck!” I think he may have had some learning issue. I don’t know. His awful approach though had me thinking that I know full well what turns me off about most men– and most women do too. But what turns us on by the opposite sex? I started to remember guys that always seemed to excite me– no matter what the situation. So I’ve compiled a list. Here goes: They Notice Stuff Two men I am thinking of– 1, an Italian-American and 2, a Jewish city guy, always without a doubt noticed every little thing about me. And every little thing was always good. It wasn’t, ‘Why did you wear that?” It was, “I notice your back muscles are really defined.” “I really like how you look– even in jeans. Wow.” “You have great X.” They noticed everything and it was charming. They were flattering and professional Don Juan’s in this aspect. I always felt sexy around them which made me want to have sex with them. Guys– make her feel like she’s the prettiest woman in the room. For me? A guy that doesn’t at least show some verbal affection and appreciation? He’s not getting in my pants. Remembers Things I love a man who remembers things about me. Who knows I like dark chocolate mint and salted caramel truffles too. Who knows I love Prince, James Brown, and Charlie Brown & Snoopy. The dude who remembers things is a treasure. He is listening to me and let me tell you, a great listener makes a woman very happy. Smart Dudes I don’t care if he’s smart about equations or smart about Shakespeare. A smart guy is a turn-on. I’ve seen some sexy guys really tank it with me once I heard them speak for an extensive period of time. A man who is smart but not a snob, is very sexy. He speaks about what he loves– he is passionate about it. He is turned on by women who are smart. This…I like. Assertive Just gonna say it. I don’t like when a man is too passive. It just doesn’t work for me. I am pretty bossy and assertive so by no means am I the wallflower of your dreams– quite the opposite my friend– but an assertive man makes me hot. Affectionate I don’t do well with distant or formal. Maybe another woman does. Not this petite broad. I like a man who touches frequently and isn’t shy about it. Some women may squeal, “stop touching my X or Y,” but not me. And ladies? If a guy stops touching you, it’s over. Just saying. Keep that in mind. A Skill A man who has honed a skill whether it’s painting, playing guitar, excelling at a sport… There is something exciting about that. For me, a man who has a particular skill set shows that he can commit to something– learn it– master it– and love it. There are so many good traits right in that last sentence. Passion. Diligence. Discipline. Persistence. Stable There is nothing more infuriating than a guy who is a flake. I cannot stand a man who is all over the place. If you like me, stick to it. If you’re not sure, keep it moving. You won’t be ending up in my bed. I’m a real woman and when you play with me– you play with the big girls, honey. Likes Sex & Is Not A Prude If you love sex and you’re not afraid to say it or show it– you’re my kind of dude. While it can be sexy if you’re a little timid of me, that stuff wears thin. I dated a guy ages ago who was terrified of having sex with me and it was very annoying and not at all cute. I was patient enough for a long time until suddenly, I was gone. Own your own stuff. Be comfortable in your skin. Want it. Your Sexual Advisor, Laura

8 thoughts on “8 Things A Man Does That Turn A Woman On

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast says:

    Practical and appealing. In the 70s and 80s men were taught to be wimps. Later on in my opinion, women said, stop that crap! I remember a movie where a man was crying because he cheated on her and all I could think is, she doesn’t buy it, does she?

  2. 1stpeaksteve says:

    I see some of your list going for women too. I love a little ambition and passion about your career or a hobby…something! And being a bit brain dead is a turn off too. I like to talk about things going on in the world. I can not converse every day about a sale and what you want to buy. Just I like I will not talk about surfing. I need a functioning human…not a shopping cart!

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