5 Things A Single Mom Needs To Thrive– Not Just Survive

Whether you’ve been a single mom from day one or became one due to divorce or other circumstances, it can be a challenge. Initially when my ex and I separated, my first thoughts were: how do I survive? How do I pay bills, where will I live when the house is gone, and what is going to happen to me were my first big pressing issues. And while those issues are still at hand at some point, I had to figure a way to move forward and not just “get by” each day but also, enjoy my life again.

And while I stated 5 very important things a single mom needs to thrive, I want to add that chocolate, battery-operated objects, and a good relationship with my ex has also helped me to move forward. My ex and I did not work out, but we make damn good parents.

Here’s 5 things a single mom needs to thrive. Please share!

With Dark Mint Chocolate Delight & A High-Five To All My Friends,


5 Things Dads Might Lie About In Their Online Dating Profiles

Lying happens whether it’s a woman or a man on an online dating site. Sometimes the lies are little white lies designed to make a person look better. Other times, the lies may be hurtful, like a man or woman stating he/she is single if he/she really isn’t, or a man not sharing that he has a child. Despite this big or little white lies, online dating is still a viable way to meet someone as long as you put in the effort. I personally did not put in the effort, and so I deleted my profile.

Here are however, 5 things both innocent and not innocent, that a dad might lie about in his online profile.

No matter though, don’t give up hope yet. Your Prince is waiting for you!

Fairy Godmother,


Finding Gratitude During Hard Times: A Star In the Grey Sky of Divorce

Today, I was doing a google search looking for places that had shared my content when lo and behold, I found this article.

It’s a blog on how even amongst the hardship of divorce & the holidays, someone was able to find gratitude in the situation.

That “someone,” was me.

A lawyer had found an article I wrote and was impressed with my outlook, and how so far my ex-husband and I have handled our divorce situation and our child.

I was stunned, and happy to see that a bad situation in my life has been able to provide some light and comfort to others going through the process or at the very least, a new perspective.

I never thought making such a difficult choice (that took us almost 2 years+) to make would have a positive impact on others, as well as myself.

In the end, I want my daughter to be able to grow up and say, “My parents put their own problems aside and worked together for me. They made it easy for me.”

Because really, do the kids ask for their parents to be divorced? No, they never do. So if we as parents cannot reasonably work together to stay together, the least we can do is work together to parent together.

She deserves that.

A Star Is In My Sky,


The Pact: My Commitment To Myself After Divorce

A lot of people fumble with their New Year’s Resolutions, but if you know me you would know that I am dead determined. Almost every goal I have sought after,  I have accomplished in some shape or form.

As a kid, I decided I wanted to be an actor, comedienne, and professional writer.

I have gotten paid to do all three, and am currently a professional writer. Am I Amy Poehler or Charles Dickens? Well not yet but if I commit to something basically, I do it.  Sometimes I don’t let go of a situation or goal when I should, but most times if I am passionate about something, I give every breathe I’ve got and I’m full of hot air 🙂

So when the New Year approached, I decided to make a pact with myself. Why? Because I finally feel happy. Divorce and finances a bit of a shamble to say the least, I am happy and nothing can get in my way of this. I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole so I made this pact:

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Why The Mean Kids Aren’t So Bad

When I heard that my daughter was letting her anger out on one of her most favorite friends at school last year, I crumbled (inside).

What had I done wrong? Myself, I’m a sensitive person and wasn’t known as the mean girl at school. I knew there were normal typical “mean” or bossy behaviors from preschoolers and older toddlers, but I knew this was a sign she was hurting.

I was right.

Losing her family as she knew it to divorce, was incredibly hard on her as she’s only 3.5.

Most often, kids are mean because there’s something going on–not because they’re slated to be the next Jeffrey Dahmer.

Here’s my article on why kids are mean, and what to do if your kid is being bullied…or your kid is the bully!

With A Hug,

Laura Lifshitz

Why Having Sex is More Important Than Dieting in 2015

We all know Big Macs are bad for us and that eating late at night is probably not that smart, but at the start of the New Year did you ever stop to think about your sex life? Did you ever stop to think about how your sex life is affecting how you feel about yourself and possibly, how your partner feels about you?

Read why having sex is more important than dieting and take some inventory on why parents– you tired worn out parents–should be having more sex in 2015!

Your Crunchy Blonde Sex Ed Teacher,


5 Signs You Are A Doormat

Does your face say ‘Welcome mat” all over it? Here are 5 signs you may be letting friends, family, co-workers, and more walk all over you. I also give you hopefully “recovering doormats” tips on how to say no, as well as some reasons you may be letting people trample all over you.

Turn over a new leaf in 2015 and start standing up for yourself!

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“No, I’m Not Your Bitch”- Laura Lifshitz

Why Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Have Sex With You

Whether you’re male or female, straight or gay, relationships hit various peaks and valleys when it comes to their sexual relationship. Each relationship varies in the amount of sex they have or the kinds of sex they have, so there’s no rule book to how often or “how” to do it, but there may come a time when your partner might start to say “no” when it comes to sex.

It can feel like the worst rejection ever; it’s one thing for a stranger to turn you down or a person you’ve met to say “no thanks” to a date or sexual offer, but for your partner–the person who has chosen you because he/she loves you– to reject you, it’s worse.

Most often though, your partner is telling you no not because he/she doesn’t love you, but for other reasons.

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Kicking 2015 Off With A Bang–and hope you do too,