Thank You Barnes & Nobles For Making My Life Hell

I remember the day when your parent took you to a bookstore, and it had books. Now when I take my daughter, the store is chock full of toys, gadgets, and other crap no one needs. From the moment my kid sprang from the womb and into the stroller, she’s been marketed to. Every single store we go to, there are toys and other junk dangling at toddler/preschooler eye level.

It’s enough to make a mom or dad insane!

Here’s my latest, “Thank You Barnes & Nobles For Making My Life Hell

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Ditch the Expectations: 12 Cheap Date Nights With Your Partner

While I know some women are incredibly low-maintenance, quite a few of us are guilty of having high expectations. For example, it’s not romance unless the dude comes by on his horse. It’s not a date night if we have to find a sitter for the kids. For women, it’s not love unless the man does exactly the right thing, and lots of it. But if we show up to bed and say, “I want to have sex,” the man is happy. If the guy does the same thing . . . we’re not always happy. Sometimes, it’s not until we have children that we really alter our perspective on what’s romantic — mostly due to time and energy constraints. Suddenly, the act of someone doing the dishes looks romantic.

To get great date night ideas that are cheap, fun, and easy to do if you’re married with kids, read my article: Ditch your high expectations and enjoy these 12 cheap date nights with your partner!

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Sunday Dinner Alone

It has been almost a year since my ex-husband and I separated from each other. And there are many things I have gotten used to…and some I have not.

I have gotten used to sleeping in an empty bed. Doing laundry without doing his. (obviously). Taking out the trash. Walking the dog.  I have gotten used to coming up late-ish at night and finding there is no one there to care that I am driving back safely.

And while there are a good many things I have not quite adjusted to, there is one I most particularly am struggling with:

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An Open Letter to All the ‘Almost 30-Year-Old’ Ladies Wanting to Get Married

When I was 30 I panicked I wouldn’t get married…I was so worried I wasn’t like my other friends who were all married. I thought I was flawed. I see so many thirty-something and almost-30 year old women freaking out thinking they will never meet someone, but the fact is they are all such lovely women on their own.

To all these ladies panicking over marriage I say, QUIT IT!


For many reasons.

Read my first piece for Huffington Post Women here: An Open Letter to All the ‘Almost 30-Year-Old’ Ladies Wanting to Get Married

A Letter to the Lady On the Bus

As I watched a woman get abused on a bus…I was so angry, I had to stand up to her husband. Yet in my own life, I struggled to value myself and stand on my own two feet. My latest for HuffPost Divorce: A Letter to the Lady On the Bus addresses how it’s easy to see when someone else is in a bad marriage or relationship, yet when it’s you…it’s not always that easy to see…or leave.

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7 Ways to Make Trying For a Baby Fun (Hint: None of This Includes an Ovulation Kit)

If you’re trying to get pregnant and haven’t had any luck the first few months…or perhaps are TTC after having a miscarriage, it’s very easy for sex to become staid, chore-like…and torturous.Getting pregnant is supposed to be easy…yet it isn’t always. And when it isn’t, it’s frustrating. And then…you stress, which hurts your chances of conceiving more, yet it is so hard to stop worrying.

Read my piece “7 Ways to Make Trying For a Baby Fun (Hint: None of This Includes an Ovulation Kit),” and get a little fun back into the  making baby routine.  NOTE: These tips are not intended for people who are seeking fertility treatments.

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Don’t Make Me Feel Bad For Having an Only Child

Some people think it’s a sin for a child to be an only child. Apparently having a sibling is the BE-ALL, END-ALL of the world. And while siblings can be great if you get along with them and can teach you about sharing & socializing, being an only child has many perks.

And for myself as a newly almost divorced mommy, having an only child is a great thing. It is hard enough to feed one mouth…a second mouth would have been even tougher.

I support all types of families and situations. Whether it’s someone who doesn’t want a kid, someone who wants 5 or someone who wants 1. I just wish strangers would keep their comments to themselves.

Here’s my latest for PopSugarMoms: Don’t Make Me Feel Bad For Having an Only Child