How To Date Yourself: How Dating Myself Led To Happiness

If you’ve ever heard the expression “you can’t love anyone until you love yourself first,” you know what I am talking about. Fact is, that cliche is true! After my marriage failed, I was so eager to date…yet I was like a baby deer, barely wobbling on my legs.

I needed to get it together first and adjust to single mom status…and then figure out who I was, what I wanted, and where I wanted to go next.

Whether you’re single and never been married, just recently getting out of a relationship or a marriage, here’s How Dating Myself Led to Happiness After Divorce. Hopefully this will help you find a happier stronger self!

With Sunshine and Kittens,


4 thoughts on “How To Date Yourself: How Dating Myself Led To Happiness

  1. myadviceforyourlife says:

    I went through something similar and had to do the same I know exactly what you’re going through or went faith and God really helped me see things differently and appreciate what I still had in my life..nice post

  2. 333smp says:

    Great read! Separated 9 months here. I still feel like I don’t know who the heck I am most days and I certainly don’t love myself. You are right- the old cliche is true.

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