Don’t Make Me Feel Bad For Having an Only Child

In motherhood, parenthood, pregnancy, single mom on February 18, 2015 at 6:14 pm

Some people think it’s a sin for a child to be an only child. Apparently having a sibling is the BE-ALL, END-ALL of the world. And while siblings can be great if you get along with them and can teach you about sharing & socializing, being an only child has many perks.

And for myself as a newly almost divorced mommy, having an only child is a great thing. It is hard enough to feed one mouth…a second mouth would have been even tougher.

I support all types of families and situations. Whether it’s someone who doesn’t want a kid, someone who wants 5 or someone who wants 1. I just wish strangers would keep their comments to themselves.

Here’s my latest for PopSugarMoms: Don’t Make Me Feel Bad For Having an Only Child

  1. I’m an only child and I LOVED it.

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