Thank You Barnes & Nobles For Making My Life Hell

In humor, life, motherhood, parenthood on February 27, 2015 at 3:17 am

I remember the day when your parent took you to a bookstore, and it had books. Now when I take my daughter, the store is chock full of toys, gadgets, and other crap no one needs. From the moment my kid sprang from the womb and into the stroller, she’s been marketed to. Every single store we go to, there are toys and other junk dangling at toddler/preschooler eye level.

It’s enough to make a mom or dad insane!

Here’s my latest, “Thank You Barnes & Nobles For Making My Life Hell

You’ll find me in the memoir section,


  1. I think we all know this one!

    Living in theme park capital of the world does not help my cause either. Walking through the mall..

    No! Not the (insert one of many stores here…Disney Store, Lego Store, etc.)!!!

    Daddy! I want to go in to the _________ store!

    45 minutes later: Daddy I just built this one. I have to get it!

    You got one last week! Not this week!

    Thankfully my son is now 15. So he only wants $145 dollar shoes.

    It never ends.

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