Winter-Friendly Date Nights With The Kids

Date nights with your partner are crucial but what about date nights with your kids? Whether you’re a working mom struggling to get quality time in with your kids or a SAHM who needs to get creative, these fun ideas will have you laughing all the way with your littles.

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How It Feels When People Tell Me They Are Sorry I’m Divorced

People tell me all the time, “I’m sorry” when they hear I am getting a divorce.

And at first, I felt sorry too. Sorry I was getting a divorce. Sorry I was alone and in my thirties. Sorry I was broke and breaking up my daughter’s family.

But now?

I have a new attitude.

Here’s “How it Feels When People Say I’m Sorry When I Say I’m Divorced,” for the Huffington Post blog.

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How To Date Yourself: How Dating Myself Led To Happiness

If you’ve ever heard the expression “you can’t love anyone until you love yourself first,” you know what I am talking about. Fact is, that cliche is true! After my marriage failed, I was so eager to date…yet I was like a baby deer, barely wobbling on my legs.

I needed to get it together first and adjust to single mom status…and then figure out who I was, what I wanted, and where I wanted to go next.

Whether you’re single and never been married, just recently getting out of a relationship or a marriage, here’s How Dating Myself Led to Happiness After Divorce. Hopefully this will help you find a happier stronger self!

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Why I Will Never Live On Another Man’s Dime Again

There is nothing more demeaning than to feel invisible or powerless in your own home.

But that’s how I felt at times because I was not the breadwinner in my marriage. I was financially dependent on my ex-husband, who is a hard-working man, but still…that dependence did not foster my confidence or self-esteem.

I will never  ever, live on another man’s dime again.

Here’s my latest for the Huffington Post Blog.

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How To Tell If You Should Have Sex With A Man

This may sound like a no-brainer, but entering into an intimate relationship with a man isn’t always such a black and white decision. Typically, society has told us that men should and do have sex with women as often as they want to…and with as many people as they want to. Why? Because they’re men damnit, and that’s what men do whether they’re straight or gay. They have a lot of sex. Of course this isn’t always the case…this is just societal perception. It all depends on the individual man.

But for a woman, we are faced with the predicament of the slut or the virgin. We are supposed to be sexy and sexual, but not slutty. We should be modest, but secretively lustful and voracious.

So what happens when a woman starts to consider having sex with a man or woman perhaps- (I can’t really say in that case)?

Many things run through our brains. Here are a few reasons and signs that indicate that the man you’re with is worth hopping into bed with…or not.

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5 Reasons To Stay Single 1 Year After Divorce

When my ex-husband and I first separated, I was so eager to date…but I wasn’t ready. I was a mess still. Now almost 1 year later, I am ready to tango with the best of them.

I highly recommend getting your act and head together before getting your heart involved in anything for 1 year while you’re going through the divorce process.

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