28 Day Love & Romance Challenge For Married People (Especially Married With Kids!)

One of the things that I missed the most in my marriage, was romance…and sex.

Having an active sex life with your partner whether that’s 1-2x a week or every day is really key in marriages. Once the sex goes, so does everything else. Yet with children on board, romance & sex seem more like metaphorical concepts than realities.

Try my 28 Day Love & Romance Challenge For Married People– especially you with kids, and see the difference in your daily life together.

Read here and take the challenge, or just try some of my romantic and sexy ideas!

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4 Signs I Was Happy Being Single After Divorce

When I first told people I was getting a divorce, I felt mortified when they offered up, “Don’t worry–you’ll meet someone.” I felt like the reject on a game show who was just assured, “You didn’t win, but here’s some Minute Rice instead.”

But now? Now I’m okay. Happy even.

Even with my dark moments & days, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And if you too are going through a divorce, believe me…the light will appear!

Here is my latest for the Huffington Post Divorce Blog, “4 Signs I Was Happy Being Single After Divorce.”

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