No, Men, Single and Divorced Mothers Are Not Desperate For You

For some reason, there’s this very bad stereotype that single or divorced moms are desperate, lonely, and dying for someone to take care of them. Yet I have never once heard someone claim this of a single or divorced dad.

Enough already. I’m shattering the myth today:

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How to Have a Panic Attack When You’re a Mom

After the state police and ambulance arrived and did all the required testing, the paramedic gave me the news: “Your blood pressure is perfect. Your EKG is fine. I believe you had a panic attack. Are you stressed or dealing with any life changes?”

Who, me? Stressed? Not me!

I’m supposed to be SuperDivorcedMom! I’m positive. I am nice to my ex-husband and rarely ever lose my cool with him. We are the model divorce.

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Sweaty And Shaking,


Wondering What To Do With Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?

Me personally?

I haven’t looked at my engagement ring or wedding band…I am not sure if I am ready to. That’s a whole other article.

In any case, as much as I like my ex very much there are many people who don’t like their ex’s! If that’s the case for you, why not get creative with your old engagement ring and wedding band?

Here are my humorous suggestions!

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What It’s Like to Be an Evil Jewish Divorcee

When I started writing about my divorce, I did not realize how heated readers would be over my essays and I am writing about a pretty amicable divorce. I actually have to hold back from hugging my ex-husband sometimes. Sure, we fight, but I care about the guy and I’m a squishy and sweet person. Call me naïve (that goes back to my squishiness) and perhaps this is due to me being raised by married parents, but the amount of hate, bitterness and ugliness that comes out of total strangers after reading a one-thousand word essay from me on divorce was shocking.

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The Horrible Thoughts I Had About My Body After 24 Hours of Labor and a C-Section

There I was after 24 hours of labor, five hours of pushing, and a C-section looking like a whale.

No really–a whale.

Like “find me an ocean and toss me in” certifiable whale. I would have fit in just perfectly with the sea creatures, which was amazing considering I had hyperemesis gravidarum in pregnancy and didn’t touch maternity clothes until I was about eight months pregnant. I wore my wedding ring throughout the pregnancy, and I was never swollen once. People actually said I looked cute, and perhaps they weren’t even lying. But after being pumped with fluids after my epidural and during my C-section, I now resembled Moby Dick and was so utterly not cute. One of my original legs turned into about five legs. My hands were as swollen as a beast’s. I’m surprised I didn’t warble or speak whale but instead could utter strings of the English language.

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Got My Body Back Now, Thanks,