3 Things Moms Can Learn From Dads

If I had mother’s instinct about other people like I do about my own kid, I could be a psychic. Sadly, I don’t, and so instead of telling fortunes, I’ll just have to work for a living. Most mothers I know believe they have mother’s instinct — that feeling you get when it comes to anything involving your kid. And it’s one helpful gift even if sometimes other people might not believe you when your gut “speaks” to you about your child. And then of course, there’s the saying that “Mother knows best…”

But what about fathers? Today, fathers bring more to the table than ever. This generation of dads is an active one, and dare I say it, I have learned quite a bit about parenting from some great dads in my life.

Here is, 3 Things Moms Can Learn From Dads.

A Good Student,


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