A Love Letter To All The “Sluts” Out There, Former And Current

In girl empowerment, memoir, mental health, sex, women's issues on March 17, 2015 at 3:16 pm

You may have never had sex in your life. You may never have even kissed a boy. Or, you may have had sex numerous times with numerous boys and perhaps made out with a thousand guys. You could have large breasts, no breasts, or some breasts. It doesn’t matter what the details are or whether you’ve been promiscuous or not. Someone has decided to call you a slut and then that someone made a whole bunch of other people call you a tramp, slut, bitch, whore, and hooker.

You may hear these slanderous words so often that you perhaps may have forgotten your own name.

Read my latest article, A Love Letter To All The “Sluts” Out There, Former And Current

No One Will Abuse Me Again,


  1. Love it, Laura. I got that title, along with half the others mentioned in your article, from an abusive ex when I was in Jr High/early High School. I’m 30 something now too… but it still hit home for me 🙂 Good on you for writing this.

  2. thank you for sharing your story, and your place of strength

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