How to Have a Panic Attack When You’re a Mom

After the state police and ambulance arrived and did all the required testing, the paramedic gave me the news: “Your blood pressure is perfect. Your EKG is fine. I believe you had a panic attack. Are you stressed or dealing with any life changes?”

Who, me? Stressed? Not me!

I’m supposed to be SuperDivorcedMom! I’m positive. I am nice to my ex-husband and rarely ever lose my cool with him. We are the model divorce.

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Sweaty And Shaking,


3 thoughts on “How to Have a Panic Attack When You’re a Mom

  1. Stephanie Kanavy Sadowski says:

    I started crying reading this — well, tearing up — at my desk. I’m a newspaper editor and designer, and it’s like you wrote about my life. I have two daughters; I’m newly divorced; I’ve been told I handle it all gracefully. That is, except, for the moments no one sees, when the weight of failure comes crashing down no matter how much you’ve told yourself it’s just part of the process or how often others have said you’re doing well by your girls. I want to give you a giant virtual hug — once the shaking is over, of course — say thanks and offer a little prayer we all get through it. And that the people with really shitty divorces hang in there, too, because if it’s this hard for the SuperDivorcedMoms, I can’t imagine how it is for them. I’m going to go read the rest of your stuff. You’ve got a new (huge) fan.

    • frommtvtomommy says:

      Thank you for reading and I’m sorry about your divorce. It’s hard to always be strong as you know. Yes our situations are probably better than most but it still hurts and impacts all of us. Thank you for following and being a fan 🙂

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