How I Plan to Talk to My Daughter About Sex

When I heard I was having a girl, I was over the moon. After enduring hyperemesis gravidarum, I wasn’t sure I would try for another pregnancy. In my experience as the youngest of four girls, I know “girls” and always saw that women never left their families. A daughter would surely stick by my side through life! I had hidden my gender excitement from my husband (ex-husband now) but was in ecstatic tears when the ultrasound tech gave us the news. A few weeks later, though, it sunk in.

I was having a girl.

Would my girl experience the same things I did as a girl? I won’t expound on these things, but let’s just say rape and other traumatic experiences. My mind mentally replayed scenarios from well over 15 years ago. Perhaps had it been a boy, maybe my mind wouldn’t have gone through fearful scenario after fearful scenario. To have those things happen to my daughter like it happened to me? Oh no.

Eventually, this fear subsided, and I was back to celebrating “team pink,” but with all of that said, my mind is already preparing for how I will talk to my daughter about sex. It won’t just be one talk. Sure, I’ll do the introductory “By the way, now it’s time for us to talk woman-to-woman about sex” thing in my formally informal way, but discussing sex isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a lifelong conversation.

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