What It’s Like To Lose Your Marital Home

For the past year while my ex and I go through the divorce process, our daughter and I have been living in the marital home. This has been a blessing in many regards: I went from being a “mostly” stay-at home mother with freelance gigs, to being a full-time working mother plus a good freelance load. Basically, I’m trying to get on myfinancial feet and it’s taking a while thanks to student loans, day care, and the fact that I was out of the work force for some time. The marital home has been one source of stability for my daughter and myself through the dissolution of the marriage. Picking up the pieces of your life after divorce is hard enough and more so, when you add having to move and find new housing.

Read: What It’s Like To Lose Your Marital Home

Deluxe Apartment in the Sky?


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