Why Stay-at-Home Moms Are Amazing (by a Working Mom)

I am a working mom, but I was once a mom who stayed at home. The battle between the two “sects” of motherhood (not sure what else to call it) seems to be something that may never die. In my opinion, whether you’re home for your kids or you’re paying for day care, being a mom isn’t a job, but it is a choice — a choice to raise another being to hopefully contribute positively to our world. And some moms make the choice to stay home either because their incomes don’t allow for day care, or because they just want to and have made smart financial choices to help them be home. The deck cuts the same way for a mom who works: some of us work because we don’t have the finances and support to stay home, some because we want to work, and perhaps some because of a mix of both reasons. No matter what “sect” you’re in, I feel women should support each other and not look to prove who has it the worst or who has it the best. That’s way too simple in itself: one SAHM could have an easy life and the other not. You can’t make blanket statements about any group of people or style of mothering. Life is too complex. Just try to be supportive of the choices your friends make whether it’s to be home for life, be home for two years, or be a CEO mom. That’s the best way we can support mothers and help each other succeed instead of contribute to tearing each other down, something women cannot stand to do.

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Love To All The Mommies,


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