6 Things You Need To Know About Nursing

My nursing relationship with my daughter was wonderful. Did I leak sometimes in not-so optimal places? Yes. Did I sometimes feel like a glorified cow? Oui. Did I hate getting mastitis and plugged milk ducts? An empathetic, yes, but for me overall, my nursing experience was great. I thank from the bottom of my heart or perhaps I should say bosom, a very special nurse and lactation consultant, Linda Carroll, who not only helped me with my daughter in our early awkward nursing days, but who also ran a mother’s group in the hospital where I had my daughter. She was not just a hands-on help when it came to nursing issues like improper latching or clogged ducts, but she was like a second mother and really cared about all of us new moms both for our infants’ sakes and our own. She made that first scary but exciting first year as a mom all the better. She will always have a special place in my heart, and I truly wish for every new mom to have such a leader and support. It’s not easy venturing out into motherhood alone!

And so I thank her when I share these things that I learned from her. These 6 little things I learned about nursing helped develop a great nursing relationship with my child and made that uncharted territory so much easier.

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