How to Score Young Guys

In dating, humor, relationships, sex on April 20, 2015 at 6:02 pm

When I was younger, I turned my nose at guys my age. I wanted sophisticated older men who were cultured and mysterious. I didn’t want some hacky-sack kicking, Bob Marley quoting, supposed “philosopher” failing to go down on me in my bed. Oh no. Sorry, not sorry. That was me. But now as a woman in her late thirties who is nearing the end of divorce proceedings, I can’t go out in public and snag a sophisticated man my age because the young boys are too busy trying to get a milking, I mean, a milkshake from this mommy’s yard. I went out to a bar hoping to meet some guy to potentially date as hell, it’s been a barren dry year since separating from my ex so I would have settled for even just making out, but instead all I got were budding graduates and R.A’s. But perhaps this isn’t a bad thing ladies — snagging a dude who could be your younger brother. In fact, why not try out a collegiate tonight?

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  1. What a weird post

  2. And here we have a prime example of a sense of humor and a lack of sense colliding with one another…

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