No Honey, Mommy Doesn’t Have the Money

Since losing the marital home, my daughter and I are now on the great chase for an affordable place that won’t have us eating rocks. Such are the circumstances of divorce. I have decided to make moving into a new place once it’s found into an adventure. That’s what the child experts say: “Make moving fun for your kids.” Okay–I got that. Make moving fun? Check one.

The one thing that I can’t make fun is that ever- so often phrase said by both divorced moms and dads alike, “No honey, I don’t have the money.”

I haven’t said it too much as of late, but I know it will be my new go to when my daughter wants us to do things we used to be able to do pre-losing home, but can’t anymore. Who can blame her for asking? It’s what she’s used to. We all want to have fun and get treats. Let’s face it: life is better with ice cream and chocolate, but we can’t always have what we want and when a divorce happens it not only shatters hearts, but it also shatters finances (but they are rebuilt!)

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A Penny For Your Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “No Honey, Mommy Doesn’t Have the Money

  1. DoesItEvenMatterWhoIAm? says:

    Such a bum deal. Kids don’t quite grasp the magnitude of situations like that. At least you can still do fun things like go to the park for free! My husband and I separated for 6 months when our son was 5 and it was definitely a struggle financially. You get really creative when it comes to finding things for free to do with kids! Best of luck!

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