The 1 Sign a Mom Needs a Friend

My daughter had two playdates set up with kids in her school this past Winter, and I was excited to meet the moms as well as the children she spoke so much about. Neither one of the moms knows that I write about marriage, divorce, relationships, and parenthood, so it was ironic that both moms revealed to me problems in their marriages in the short time span that we were all together. Even a few years back, a mom at our mommy-and-me playgroup started calling me to vent about her divorce even though I had just learned her last name. Oddly enough, here I am getting a divorce as well. You could say that perhaps it’s me; maybe I am a good listener and a very friendly person with an open mind. I would agree with all of those sentiments, but the one thing that drove these women to reveal to me their personal problems is that they needed a good friend.

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Let’s Be Friends,


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